BreathUp, the start of a project


It’s the start of the year and therefore the start of our project.

Benjamin, Benoît, Alexandre and I have chosen to work on the project brought to us by E-Respi, a spin-off of AH-HP. Their project is to create a device that would allow hospitalized patients to go back home earlier than they normally do because their breathing will be monitored by a device.

As Benjamin explained it in his own post, we met them on Monday to discuss the project and its functionalities.
Sadly they didn’t gave us any functional specification, but just a global idea of what they were expecting us to create.

So we started to list the functionalities that seem to be necessary, and started thinking of a global architecture that will implement them. We then sent them to our partner to confirm that we have understood their needs.

We then started to prepare the Friday presentation. We explained to the other students and to the teachers what we are going to design, and they gave us some feedbacks.

Eventually, as we received the answers from our partners, we found that we really need to fix with them the functionalities that they are looking for and stick to these decisions. Therefore, we sent them an email asking for real functional specifications. And we are waiting for their answer.


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