My work for the first week

This week was the first one for our project: BreathUp. So we were only at the beginning and I did nothing really technical.

Above all, as our project was given by a firm, we had to meet some persons of E-respi to speak about their idea and how they want the embedded system to be built. So on Monday, we spent like two hours in a meeting to ask our questions and to reach an agreement about the device.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, our whole group spent all his time on the presentation of Friday. As far as I’m concerned, I worked with my group on the storyline, the features, the means of communication of the embedded system and also the different steps we need to achieve during our project.

The most important part was to understand what the firm wanted, so I (not only me) sent some mails to the representatives of E-Respi to describe better their requirements. The second serious point was the translation of their need into technology : what type of technology fit for this purpose ? How to set it up ? . And after that I tried (with the others of course) to organize a time schedule of our project.

On Friday, I was present and I took part in our presentation to our teachers. Thanks to this, we realized that they are some questions we need to ask to the representatives of E-respi in order to take some technical decisions about the project.



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