BreathUp, the beginning !

Hi everyone !

This week was the beginning of our project. This semester, with Alexandre, Benjamin and Xavier, I work on a medical device. Indeed, we decided to work on a industrial project. This project was brought by the start-up E-Respi. This device will watch the respiration of a patient at home.

After the choice of the project, with my group, I prepared some questions for a meeting with E-Respi’s people. During this meeting we spoke about different topics to understand which features they want.

During the week, Laurent the E-Respi’s CEO, sent us some documentations to help us to have a better comprehension of the project.

This week, we had to prepare a presentation to explain our project and our reflections about our connected device to the other students. So, I spent lots of times with my group to debate about the connexions, the features and the different tasks to make to device.

Thanks to the presentation and the exchange with the teachers and the others students, we realized that we need to ask some questions to E-Respi to have a clear view.


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