First week of work on Makahiya

plante_v2At the end of last week, we decided with Tanguy to work on an artificial flower that can be used as an interface for different applications such as a weather station or a geocaching point.


This week, we put all our efforts in defining more precisely the functionalities and the technical limits of this project. And we also found a name: Makahiya. The petals can light up in different colors, the leaves can move up and down and the stem can also move. Moreover, there will be a speaker in the flowerpot.

I worked more precisely on the use case scenarios, the PSSC and the mechanical part. Indeed, I tried to model a first prototype of the stem in order to test how it was possible to control its movements. My first prototype was far too big (60mm of diameter) and allowed only a one direction movement. Thanks to the suggestions made by Alexis and Samuel during Friday presentation, I did another 3D design of the whole flower with an improved stem and all the leaves and petals and the flowerpot. This will allow us to have a better view of the product and thus help us in choosing the components. The design presented here will probably change a bit in the first weeks of the project.

In order to control the stem, we will probably use a system like the one used in Casper (ROSE project, 2011).

That’s all for this week.

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