Makahiya, Week 1

For the ROSE project this year, I will work with Sylvain on a connected flower called Makahiya. During this first week, we had to prepare a presentation of the project. The first thing was to find a name and we came up with Makahiya, which is tagalog (a language spoken in the Philippines) for a flower, called mimosa pudica, that closes its foliage under various stimuli. Then we agreed on the functionalities (changing the metal colors, various movements, contact detection for the leaves and a microphone), found some use case scenarios and the PSSC.

During the presentation, the teachers told us that it would be better to communicate with the flower with Wi-Fi than with Bluetooth and that we needed to provide an API to help the creation of applications involving the flower.

The main difficulty that we need to solve now is the way to move the leaves : classical servomotors would be too noisy and shape-memory wire could cause heat problems so we might need to use nano servomotors.


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