I am Charles, and am working with my mate Alban on SKATEway, a new kind of skateboard.

This first week were used to think about the project and main specifications.

Its a skate board with three sections. One middle section fixed and two side sections mobile (like snake board), which can rotate. Two twenty centimeters wheels  on both sides of the middle section.

The skate should be used in urban environment. It would be very handy and with small size.

The skate is driven with the bodyweight. Tilt the body forward and backward to manage the speed. Tilt the side sections with the ankle to manage the direction, move to the right, to the left. (accelerometer sensor)

The main complexity is the machinery. How to build this, what kind of materials. What kind of engine power and batteries. It has to be resistant and support up to 100Kg

We can estimate a weight about 15Kg. supllied with two 350W motor for each wheel. Equipped with two batteries of 48V Lifepo4. Autonomy of One hour minimum planned. Max speed about 20Km/h

The estimate price is about 900€. We could reduce the price further with new knowledges.

New functions are comming to make it much more fun!!

Charles Fromonteil

Student télécom ParisTech embeded system

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