SwARM: 02.10.16

Hi everyone,

This first week of ROSE project was already quite busy. As it was the first week I intended to get to know more about the people I was going to work with, so we spent some time talking about the project, never the three at the same time because we are all very busy, and we exchanged about our hopes and fears concerning the project. We all are very excited about SwARM and have a lot of energy to put into its realization.

We also had to prepare ourselves for the first presentation, so we worked on the PSSCs, prepared some slides and converged to a more precise idea of what we want for SwARM, how we want it to look like, what we want it to do… It was really helpful!

This week we still need to discuss on the project in order to comply with the schedule 🙂 this means that we will be talking about the components of our project!


Paul Guerin

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