Makahiya, Week 2

Hi everyone,

During this week, our project underwent some significant changes. As we were thinking about the mechanical part of the project, Alexis suggested that we could use a real plant instead of 3D-printing one. The result will probably be more beautiful and this adds some originality to the project.

So we need to find some plant that suits us for the project. The first idea was a palm tree (it has quite big leaves that we could use), but it might not survive to a winter in A406. We could use a stabilized palm tree (in stabilized plant, sap is replaced with some solution, so that the plant doesn’t need neither light, water and even soil), but that would add a 0 to the cost of the plant.

We then thought about using a banana tree, or some green plant (we mainly want something that can stay the whole winter in A406 and has quite large leaves), Sylvain will probably have more to say about this later this weekend.

Finally, we are also looking for the components we will use : optical fiber, a Wi-Fi chip, a speaker, capacitive sensing captors… For the movements, we will probably use shape memory alloy actuator wires, as the heat shouldn’t be so problematic with a real plant instead of 3D-printed plastic.


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