A last Breath(Up) before the long run


When I wrote my post last week, we had just finished describing to E-Respi the functionalities we were about to implement.

Later in the week, they answered, and after a few more emails, we started to have an agreement about the whole project.

So I spent a good part of my week to redefine properly the functionalities, the limitations…
Then I had to update the PSSC and I made a Gantt. That should be a really useful tool, but it has to be really complete because if we forget a part, it might totally screw our schedule…

We also split the numerous documents we had to read, in order to be sure that at least someone in the team knows the useful part of each one of them.

I read a datasheet about how you can use the ADS1298 to measure the impedance of the body, and how that measure can be linked to the breathing. In fact, as the lungs grow the impedance taken at the right positions increases and with proper signal processing, this leads to the respiration rate.

Eventually, we receive the evaluation card for the ADS1298, a 24bits CAN, that is often used for ECG, and that we might use for our project. As we didn’t have all the connectors and the electrodes we created a cable base on a Ethernet one. And we obtained the first results on the screen.

Next week we should try to obtain real datas and start to choose all the components.

Xavier Chapron

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