BreathUp, choose your path!

This week we tried to finish defining the project! It It might seem to be an easy task, but it’s not: the start-up we are working for wants to sell a product which is very functional, but with a lot of option. That makes it hard to define. The speed option for instance, is representative of this problem. We first agreed, for many reasons, that we wouldn’t use a GPS component for our device. However, we learnt at school that just integrating the acceleration to get the speed is not enough in real life. Of course it would be convenient to get the speed patient as we then would be able to qualify its activity, but there is no way to properly do that with an IMU. I believe that this example truly sums up life: we need to make choices and take decisions.

Another of my job this week, was to read the manual. I discovered that reading a manual without searching for anything can be pretty boring. In order to be more efficient, we shared the manual among the group and did a summary. It allows us to be sure that at least one member of the group did read every part of the manual.
Last thing I did this week was starting to make tests with a TI (Texas Instrument) in order to test the comparator (which as chance will be the one on our card).

This week’s main goal is to properly test this card, and see if we can have good results with it.

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