BreathUp week 2 !

Hi !

The second week of our project comes to it end ! It was quite a good one because we succeeded in be agree with the firm about the definition of our project and also about their needs. For instance, at this moment, we know exactly what sorts of restrictions we have in terms of exchanges number between the device and the medical crew, we also defined what sort of technologies we will use and for what purpose. So quite an important week to begin the project with good settings.

Thanks to these new pieces of information, we changed our PSSC and also our GANT diagram to maintain a time forecast of the project. Furthermore, with the documents the firm gave us, we begin to acquire some knowledges about the EMG and also about the first prototype of the firm. In order to be more efficient, each of us took one or two articles and made a summary for the others.

At the same time, we set up the data acquisition devices. One cable was missing but we constructed a new one from two Ethernet cables and some welds (of course, for some reasons of noise we also buy a new one but we have to wait 10 days to receive it). Thanks to it, on Friday, we saw some physical signals from our arm. Next week, we will try to acquire real EMG signals !

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