SKATEway, week 2


Last week, Charles and I thought we were more or less done with defining our project. It turns out we were not. We based our specifications on existing projects, however no other project is exactly like ours, and we may not have access to the same parts. We thus had to come back to our pen and paper to set a new course of actions: we now need to compute the torque we want for our engine, which will give us its power, which in turn will lead us to the batteries we need. Because of this change of course, we had to modify our PSSC.

A precious discovery we (that is, Alexis) made, is the hub type of engine. With this, we could fit the engine inside of the wheel, which would yield tremendous saving of space on the central piece of the SKATEway. It could be the solution to a rather tricky issue we ran into: since we want the part on which the feet rest to pivot like a waveboard would, we need to link the feet-resting part to the central part with a cylinder and a spring or device of some sort that allows the feet-pod to get back to its original position. However, if the engines were to take all the space under the central pod and the batteries under the feet-pod, we would not know how to realize such a device. With a hub engine, we could have a cylinder with a spring inside running under the central pod from one foot-pod to the other. We do not know yet if we will be able to find a fitting hub engine, but we sure do hope so.

So far, Charles and I have been quite out of pace with the other groups progressing much quicker than us, so we also need to improve our teamwork: a project is not only about the product, but also about the team behind it.

I may post our PSSC another time, but for now, our main objective is to be done with the torque, engine and batteries by tomorrow evening. Quite a challenge to be honest.


ps: some little sketches of the board.

pps: do check out our page.


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