Once week after the beginning. Here is where we are.

This week has been used to fix the system’s calibration. In the last post, I determined some values, but I based them on existing projects. I made calculs by myself for more accuracy from existing data such as acceleration (a = 2 m/s²),  total weight (100 Kg), spoke of the wheel (r = 0.11 m), rotation per minute (63 ras/s) . To extract resulting data such as couple (C), motors power (P), 48V batteries intensity (I).

C = a * m * r = 22 Nm

P = C * w = 690 W

I = P/U = 15A

The coming week, will be used to identify exactly what components we would use. The main challenge would be about motors and batteries. For motors, hub or not? A hub is space gain but the power delivered by the engine is less than a classic motor. The space is also a problem for batteries. We have to find the most flat as possible. We have to choose betwen several kind of batteries (lithium, lithium-ion, lithium iron posphate, lead …) We need to determine the need. We must not oversize our system because the battery is the most expensive item of the project. If a simple lithium battery is enought, we won’t pick the last lithium iron posphate generation battery.

Ps : A picture to visualize our SKATEway (made by my mate Alban)



Charles Fromonteil

Student télécom ParisTech embeded system

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