SwARM, higway to hell

Dear passionate readers,

Yes it’s already been a week since I last posted on this blog, I myself can’t believe it!

We expected to make some real advancements on the choosing of the components and that’s not quite what we did, but we are definitely getting closer! We met on Thursday during a bunch of hours in a cold room full of robots, LEDs and cables to think on the project and the requirements that the components should fulfill. This was very helpful because we got more and more precise on what we want for SwARM and we got some new ideas and methods for the “how” to do it.
Friday we also worked a lot and that’s where we got lost. Yes we did choose some components, like the battery, the H bridge and the engines (we chose V12s!! ;), but as we learned about components that would regroup the MCU and the RF module, or another that regrouped the RF and the localisation part, we got lost in deciding what to choose.
The consequences of our choices will greatly influence the code that we will have to write and its type too.

That’s why this week we will keep digging into the specs of the yet non-chosen components in order to make our final choice by Friday!

Anyway I say good work everyone!


Paul Guerin

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