SwARM ing in the ocean of components

Hi everyone,

We are exploring several solutions to locate the robots on the dance floor :

  • camera filming and real time object tracking with openCV
  • relative location with 3 modules at 3 corners of the dance floor : each robot would have a Decawave chip
  • the two solutions combined

Of course, if the solution is expensive it could limit our number of robots.

We discussed about communication between the robots and the main server, we found chips regrouping radio and location solutions and we almost decided to use a nRF24L01+ from Nordic mainly because of the costs.
About the MCU we thought about taking the STM32F030K6T6TR

We also discuss with Sam and Alexis about all our first choices for the battery, the motors… we are moving forward 🙂 but we still have work, we want to maintain the cost low to produce as many robots as we can.

That’s all for this week. We hope to finish this part before the end of the week.
Good Night


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