Week 2 with BreathUp


This week was an important week for the project BreathUp. Indeed, after some e-mails with E-Respi, the features of the device were defined and we submitted two propositions to E-Respi and they have chosen the one using a smartphone. So, the device will send data to the patient’s smartphone before sending these to the server. Moreover, we have had more informations about signals’ characteristics.

About the management of the project, the PSSCs were modified to put in the new functions and update deadlines. Now, we use a Gantt diagram to see the progress of the project.

This week, with my teammates, we worked on a platform test to test an ADC. The first problem was that we did not have the proper connexion to make the measurements of the muscles’ contractions. So, Alexis taught us how make a good weld to make our own cable to take measures. However, we need an original cable to avoid noises due to the fact that the cable is home-made. That’s why we asked E-Respi to buy an original cable to make measure without noise but we could not have this one before ten days.

After studying the platform test’s software to understand how it works, we finally got to watch the first signals.

Bye for now

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