BreathUp week 3 !

Sawat di khrap !

A lot of improvements for BreathUp this week !  Above all, we met Laurent (our contact from the firm) on Monday and spent like two hours with him to work on the project. After signing our project agreement, he gave us some electrodes and taught us how to put them on a patient body in order to make an EMG (ElectroMyoGram) of the parasternal way.

He, also, came with some curves he took few years ago and explained us how to analyze its. Eventually, Laurent gave us the famous signal processing we were expecting adding that he didn’t make a sorting… Indeed, four thousand matlab and simulink files ! As I’m the one responsible of the signal processing algorithms part, I did a huge sorting deleting more than three thousand five hundred files that were not meaningful, a very time consuming step but an important one !

At the same time, I ended with my summarize of the document about the first prototype that the firm developed. The document helped me a lot with the algorithm part because there were a lot of graphics and explanations. The document describes all the data acquisition chain, even if there are a lot of differences with ours, especially in the number of way to measure which affect the way to filter them also. Because they were using the measure of other signals to delete the same signal on other curves.

On Friday morning, with Xavier, we keep working on the algorithm part : we made, on simulink, a scheme of our data acquisition chain, so our 50Hz filter is ready being tried out, we just need to write a script that convert our .txt acquisition data into .mat file that can be read by Simulink.

If the filter works quite well on acquisition, I think that we will use the C compiler of Simulink to auto-generate C code. It will be a time profit because if we have modifications to do, we can do it on simulink, test it, and then auto-generate it again. Furthermore, we think that simulink will be easier to understand for Laurent than a C code.

Thus for the next week, we need to write the script, to work on a second filter that will split the EMG and the ECG (ElectroCardioGram) and eventually succeed in making the acquisition work in order to try out algorithms.


Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

3 comments to BreathUp week 3 !

  • Dryvenn

    Do you know whether the generated C code will be able to run on your device? Have you tried to generate it to see if it’s small enough?

  • Julien

    I heard that C code generated by MathLab depends on Mathlab’s library. Moreover, the code is quite messy and inefficient most of the time (I have never tried but you should, just to see what happens).

  • Benjamin

    Hi ! Indeed, that’s the point, we saw some examples of C auto-generated code by Matlab in the folder the firm gave us but we didn’t try yet with what we did. I think that this is the first test I will do during this week. Stay tuned, I will give you more elements in few days.

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