BreathUp, it is the first countdown!

Indeed, by the end of the next week, the first results should be there. Last week, I’ve been working on the ADC with Benoit meanwhile Benjamin and Xavier was looking for Simulink. But here is the point: the first tests are not so great.

For the moment we just re-discover that the 50Hz noise in the room was something real. To me, the meaning of the shield in an electric cable was a bit abstract, but it is an old story now!

The second point I study with Benoit, is the cable we need. Our ADC is a very complete device, even a bit too much in my opinion ;). This is the reason why we start to learn all the ADC documentation. The goal we fix with the team is to find out what cable we need, and see if it’s match with Laurent’s answer to the question: “In the end, what are the output we really need?”.

To conclude I would say we are going little by little forward, but a lot of work needs to be done by the end of the week to respect the schedule. I think it’s will be ok if we obtain quickly the cable we order.

See you on Wednesday!

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