Finding the right components to BreathUp


We have started this week with a meeting with Laurent during which he gave us electrodes and his old signal processing chain.

I then spent a lot of time choosing the components we will put together to create our watching device. That was a rather difficult task, choosing an IMU, a LoRa and a BT chip, LEDs, a USB and a micro SD connectors and a buzzer over all the existing components. But after some feedback from Alexis and Samuel, I think we are quite done with that part of the project.

I also discovered Simulink with Benjamin. We had a small experience with Matlab, but had never used Simulink before, so that wasn’t really efficient…

Eventually I made a Python script to convert the output of the acquisition discovery card in Matlab input format (.mat) using Scipy and Numpy.

For next week I will have to start to design the PCB by connecting the different components together. I will also work with Benjamin on creating a complete test of the algorithms on Simulink.
That would be great if we could also work on how Simulink exports the signal processing chain to C, and how we will be able to integrate this C code in our project.

Xavier Chapron

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