First tests to have an ECG

This week began with an important meeting with Laurent. Indeed, he explained where the electrodes are put on  a patient to make measurements. Moreover, he gave us an old work about the signal processing witch was developed with Matlab and Simulink.  This signal processing it is there to separate the EMG signal and the ECG signal. Laurent also showed some signals after processing. This meeting was very interesting for me and after that, I have a better comprehension about some subjects.

After reading datasheets, with electrodes and some welds, with Alexandre, we made our first tests on ourselves and it was a fail. This tests was made with a testing board to understand how work the ADC. This ADC is specific for a ECG treatment. To make the EGC with our device, three electrodes are used: two for measurements (channels) and another for the ground. However, the ADC which is used needs three signals to create after a kind of average, a new signal of reference. This signal allows to reduce the noise on the channel to have a better ECG. So we need to find solution to have a good ECG without this signal.
I am a little bit disappointed about this tests because I hoped to have some  results this week.

Moreover, our first deadlines will be the next week. So, the next week, I am going to work on the ADC again and  analogue filters. With my teammates, we will have lots of  works during the next week.

See you next week!


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