Makahiya, Week 3

Hi everyone,

This week, we focused on choosing some of the components for our project. Sylvain already spoke of the capacitive sensors and the lightings, so I will speak a bit about the rest.

  • Flexinol wires to move the leaves, they are quite thin, and we believe that the heat won’t harm the plant.
  • The AMW007 Wi-Fi chip shouldn’t be too difficult to use because it has its own operating system (called ZentriOS) and it allows cohabitation with BLE in case we decide to include it in our project.
  • For the speaker, we will probably use something similar to the X-Mini II but maybe something more recent. We thought about using some surface transducer, but it won’t work on the flower pot, so we would have to put it under the flower pot which would then be quite unstable. Furthermore, it would need an amplifier while a speaker doesn’t need one.
  • The TLV320 audio codec doesn’t take compressed audio formats (like mp3 or ogg) as an input, so we have to convert the files by ourselves. Doing this on the server could lead to files too big to be sent through Wi-Fi, so we might need to perform this task on the processor.

Next, we will have to do some tests :

  • Check if we can directly use the plant leaves for the capacitive sensor.
  • Find how to illuminate an optical fiber with a LED.

We also still need to find a battery and a processor (he would probably have some work to do with the handling of the audio files).

And now that we installed ExpeditionPCB on our computers, we will be able to begin work over the PCB.

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  • Julien


    Some inspiration for you : . It seems that Treebeard is close to become real 🙂 It might be interesting to have a system to follow the sun.

    Have you chosen Wifi because you need to communicate a lot with the plant ?
    With the audio codec we used for our project (Kudly), we were able to play ogg vorbis files directly. It was VS1063 I think. Be careful with the sound: depending on where you put it on the pot, you may change a lot the quality of the sound.

    I AM GROOT (Put here some Jackson 5 music)

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