Hello every one!

So the challenge of this week was to finalize the choice about batteries and motors. And we did it. First we did again the motors calibration we need for our system. Last week we did simple calculations. Taking all parameters, we conclude that we need two 450w 48v motors. Plus, we choose a hub motor to the gain space. We had to be aware about the function of the engine. We made sure it is a two direction motor with the good controller. I contacted the seller and he confirmed this fact.

Here motor + controller :

For batteries, again for gain space, we found batteries kit to build by ourself. One more avantage, its less expensive. LifePO4 48V 15Ah (

For the next week, finish the list of composents (accelerometer, board, led …). Begin the PCB of our system with Expedition PCB that I installed this weekend.

Have a great week!


Charles Fromonteil

Student télécom ParisTech embeded system

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