SwARM – Sunday bloody sunday

Howdy guys!

This week, as we planned in the PSSC table, we finished the selection of the components of our robots!!! We got all of them but the power supply, we are patiently waiting on our dear teachers to give us a lesson on the subject.

As I had never had to deal with hardware components before in my life, I only had little knowledge of how to proceed with this part of the project and how to choose components. Our friend Arnaud on the contrary had a lot of experience in the matter, he participates in robot competitions and was the head of the Robot association in Télécom ParisTech. I want to thank him for his patience and his guidance, he made it possible for me to participate actively and successfully to this part of the project. Thank you Arnaud! Thank you too Perceval because we all made a good job!

During the next two weeks we will be working on the schematics of the cards that will be put on the robots.
I also want to make some drawings of the robots to see how we see them. The drawings will be useful when preparing the 3D printing of the robots’ skeleton and it is necessary to start thinking on the conception of the charging station.

Have a nice week,


Paul Guerin

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  • Julien

    Have you seen the RoseRolls project which was made 2-3 years ago ? They reverse-engineered spheros and I think at the end of the project, they tried to coordinate them to do some kind of choregraphy.

    For the coordination, the WiFi module may help you to know the distance with other robots (and you can have a gain in precision if you combine redundant data from all robots). Are you also planning to take into account the environment as it may change the possible moves? You can have a look at the SLAM algorithm which allows to perform both location and mapping at the same time.

    An other possibility (overkill ?) might be to use infrared camera. It is quite precise (they use it to control drones) and do not take much space on board.
    That reminds me that Parrot used pattern on the ground to locate the robots. So, if you have a fixed area with defined patterns on the ground (and a way to read them), location may be easier.

    Good luck 🙂

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