Swarm, going open source

Hi everyone,

This week we decided to make our code and hardware design open source from the start of the project. We migrated our repository and wiki from Telecom ParisTech’s gitlab to github (check it out here !). There is not much in the main repository for now but we put some information in the wiki (in french).

We also explored the existing solutions for lighting up our robot. The best fit seems to be APA102 RGB LED strip. We were able to test them quickly, they are very bright, fairly easy to control (over SPI) and quite cheap as sourcing them from China is reliable enough (tested and approved by a student project last year).

The only issue is to power them, they require 5V so we would have one more power supply to design. But as we say, “simple is beautiful”, so we had another idea : why not use cheap “power banks” (such as this [FR]). They include charge and protection circuitry, which is a good thing knowing the lithium batteries tendency to start fires ;).


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