BreathUp, just a little time…

Now it’s time to go! For this week I had to do a lot of things: do the hardware homework and do the software homework but also the ROSE project.
For the moment I think we still are away from the goal of sunday which is having beautiful EMG, but like say old people each step is a step to the succes. This is the reason why I read with Benoit all the datasheet of our ADC. Then we had a call to Laurent who belong to I-respi. Many people would say: What’s your point?! Here it is: we are dealing a very complicated subject, and as we see with Benoit, when your fail it is convenient to go back on old ways, but I want to avoid that! By reading the datasheet, and have an exchange with Laurent, I am sure to fixe some variables and focus on other one. The last thing to see now, it is wait for sunday, and see if it is a good option!

See you on sunday.

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