Makahiya – end of components choice

Hi everybody,

We have to post what we’ve done for our project the last 3 days. However, the last 3 days have been mainly dedicated to do the lab (draw the electronic shematic of a board). Consequently, I didn’t have much time to work on our connected plant. This post will then be shorter than the previous one.

I’ve chosen the Bluetooth module that we’ll integrate in our product. It’s the RN-42-N. It seems quite simple to use: we send commands to it (when in configuration mode) in order to set the parameters as we want and then, it automatically redirects UART to Bluetooth and vice-versa (when in data mode).

As Tanguy said, he has found an appropriate micro-processor, which was the last component that we had to choose. So, I think that we can say that our first PSSC is fulfilled on time (deadline is tomorrow).

To be honest, there are in fact still 2 not definitely chosen components: we have to check which diameter of optical fiber is required (I hope 1.5mm will be enough) and to decide which LED is the most appropriate (we asked to Alexis to order 2 differents models so we can check which one is the most suitable). But only tests can give us an answer, and that’s what we’ll do.

In this half week, I wanted to test the FDC2214 with a coaxial wire and a homemade sensor but I didn’t find time. This will thus have to wait a little bit.

Until Sunday, I hope that we’ll have started the PCB design of our board and tested the optical fiber and the LEDs.

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