Need a big BreathUp after a deep dive into Simulink

Hi there!

So as the others have mentioned, not so much time, and a lot to do!

So first, we have all worked a lot on our PCB TP, and that will be useful for our project as they are a lot of components that we will use (SDcard, IMU, microUSB, power regulator, …). So when I was saying that I should start to work on the PCB this week, we are really on the way!

Next, I’m happy to introduce our hackster page. You will find there a resume of the project.

Eventually, and that was my second task for the week, I’ve worked a lot on Simulink (MatLab module) and how we can export the algorithms in C and then use them in our project. Sadly, I’ve not finished yet, but as Benjamin said, I’ve already some result, and they are not good :

  • First, I’ve managed to export simple algorithms in C, and I’ve discovered that this creates a stand-alone code: exports all modules in .c and .h files, creates a project .c and .h and drive it by a main.o file…
  • Therefore, we will need to create a new main.c that will bypass their main.c and project.c. Because obviously there is no documented API that we can use. But that also means that each time we change our algorithms in Simulink, we might need to change our files. We will also have some troubles with the parameters as they are hard-coded in all the modules files, so that will be tough to control them.
  • Finally, I’ve started to change the tool-chain to cross compile the project for a cortex M4. I’ve not finished yet (the test project was needing to link function to open files, creates them… and I don’t have them…), but for sure if that doesn’t work, we are good to rewrite the algorithms manually… Maybe that would save us from some Simulink headache…


Obviously for the end of the week, I need to finalize the reflexion on Simulink, and to continue on our PCB.

Good night,

Xavier Chapron

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