SKATEway, week 4, 1/2


This week we have to work extra-hard to catch up with the other groups.

First, we now know more about the engine: we need 1kW of power for 600RPM. This was calculated by measuring the actual angle of people using segway and gyropods on videos. Our mistake was to use the maximum tilt angle instead of the angle of the body, which is much smaller. We now need to compare hub vs brushed vs brushless, since hub motor have drawbacks such as low torque and generally worse specs.

We also made some progress on our BOM, adding a little IMU which will be added to our PCB. We still need to know which kind of angular sensor we will use, to measure the angle between the central bloc and the feet ones, the main issue being how to put them on the liaison.

What to look for on sunday:

  • engine
  • batterie
  • position & movement sensors
  • microprocessor


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