Makahiya, Week 4

Hi everyone,

During the end of this week, we mainly worked on the lightning. We intended to test some high-power LEDs and that’s what we did. As they require 300mA, we need to drive them with a transistor. I choose the resistors following Sylvain’s calculations. On Friday, we received the LEDs and began to play with them. Even when supplied only by a multimeter, their glowing is quite bright. When they are at their maximum brightness, it can be quite dangerous for th eyes. But we still don’t know how it will look with an optical fiber. Then we used my TP card to test one and drive it with a STM-32 : I wrote the code while Sylvain soldered and in the end it worked.

We also have a brand new requirement for the project : Alexis wants us to measure the humidity of the earth in the flower pot. I found that it was better to get the value by measuring the capacity rather than the resistivity of the earth, but I didn’t manage to find some adequate device. In fact, we might not need anything to do this, we have to see if something can be done with the proximity captors that we use for the leaves.

Next week, I will focus on the schematic of the card.

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