SwARM: Dream is collapsing

Hi guys!

This second part of the week hoped to make some progress on both the drawings of the robots and the schematics of their board. Well, you will find some pictures of the drawings here below. On them you can see how we think our robots will look like. But guys don’t worry, the only part that people will see during the shows is the balloon 🙂 the rest will be in the dark.

Regarding the fact that I was expecting to begin the schematics of the board on ExpeditionPCB, there was not any progress. As we conducted some tests on Friday with the LEDs we found out that we needed another MCU than the one we were thinking of. That means that I spent some hours this weekend trying to find which one to choose and for what reasons.

Right now I am trying to estimate how fast an MCU we need and how big his RAM and flash should be.

By Wednesday I should have begun the schematics! I hope that we will have agreed on an MCU by tomorrow evening so that Alexis can add it on the component library of ExpeditionPCB.

Have a nice week


fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3

Paul Guerin

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