Tough week for BreathUp but with some results


My most important job was to finally have the exact list of component we will need. Therefore I chose a lot of them with the help of Alexis but I need to make some tests on the led and on some connectors to really finalize this task, that should occur before Wednesday.

I also wanted to start the PCB schematics, but I didn’t have the time, therefore I will do it before Wednesday.

Finally, I worked a lot on the algorithms and on Simulink. I started alone on Thursday when I discovered that with a lot of efforts, we could compile an easy Simulink project for a cortex-M4.

Then with Benjamin, we worked on the algorithms on Saturday. That was a really tough and obscure job as we didn’t have any data to process… But Laurent finally gave us some records. Therefore, we tried some algorithms on them. The bad news is that we discovered that their algorithms don’t work, that we won’t be able to split the ECG and EMG signals so easily… The good news is that we are know capable to filter the EMG.

To conclude this week, I wrote a python script to format MatLab data in a text file that Benjamin can read with a C program that can count the number of heart cycles.

The really bad news is that I wanted to create a script that would test automatically the Simulink and C programs on a database. And that is when I discovered that we won’t use Simulink conversion to C for our embedded system… It’s a total mess, we were not really expecting some clean code, we knew that we would have some issues regarding inputs and outputs. But not that the whole processing chain would be in one big function that weighs 18Mo…

So for next week Benjamin and I will need to find a way to create a C processing chain and I will work on the schematics while Benoît and Alexandre will hopefully give us some real datas they finally succeeded to acquire.

Comming back soon!

Xavier Chapron

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  • Dryvenn

    Running regression tests of your algorithms against a database is a great idea, don’t give up on it just yet!

  • Xavier Chapron

    Yeah, we really want to create regression tests for our algorithms but there is currently two major problems:
    * We don’t have a database (the only datas we have are from E-Respi, and they are already filtered…). But we expect to have some from our tests in a few days.
    * We can’t easily run our Simulink algorithms on a database because that’s firstly a graphical tool… So when we will have real datas, then working Simulink algorithms, we will translate them to C, and of course test them…

    Meanwhile, I’m working on using matlab with “nodesktop” option, and I hope to be able to load some script from Linux bash.
    The result might be there by Wednesday evening.

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