SKATEway, week 4, 2/2


We’ve had quite a tough week, Charles and I. Because we had some trouble working together, our teachers had to shake us up to get us to work efficiently. I believe this was necessary, and it allowed us to set a better working dynamic.

I studied the motor with the help of Alexis, and we now know exactly what we are looking for: a geared brushless hub engine with a custom built controller. To build the controller, we will use VESC . We will have to build it on a seperate PCB for two reasons: protect the main PCB from this one and vice versa, and get better task splitting during the project, which will increase our efficiency. I am in charge of studying the motor and VESC part. It has to be done by tomorrow evening.

We also know that we need an IMU and 2 angular sensors to get each foot-pad’s angle from the main bloc, but we still don’t know how to install those sensors on the board. I am also in charge of this.

This week has been absolutely exhausting because of the stress of the meeting with our teachers on friday evening, but it allowed us to kick it into the next gear, so hopefully everything will be fine now.


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