BreathUp half-week 5 !

Өдрийн мэнд  !

This week, I’m supposed to try out processing signal algorithms on our acquisition, to translate Simulink in C and begin with the PCB routing. As a consequence, during the beginning of this week, I decided to focus a lot on algorithm.

On Monday, with Alexis and Samuel, we agree each other to change the deadline of the compilation from simulink to C of the algorithm. Indeed, like the auto-generated code isn’t usable, I will implement it in C by hand however, in order to not waste my time, I will do it when we will be sure that our algorithm really work with our final acquisition chain so this deadline is postponed after the receiving of our PCB.

Regarding to the filtering, Alexandre succeeded in acquiring some data from ECG and EMG so that for the first time we had some curves with noise. Thus, since Monday and my last changes on filters, we know that we are able to separate heart signals from breathing signals. We had some good curves about cardiac cycles with QRS waves but it appears that during the filtering process or during acquisitions, breathing signals are deleted so that we only see muscles activity. So I have to still work on it !

Good evening !


Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

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