BreathUp, WIP.

Since the last post we had pretty good results. I succeeded having good ECG, with a bit of EMG, using only four electrodes (I also start to build a database to test the algorithm). You have to know that at first, the main goal is to use only tree electrodes, so here is one of my challenges for the next days. What’s more we had test on our signal by the algorithm given by I-respi, which was rebuilt by Xavier and Benjamin. Here we had very good result to.

The other point concerning the EMG: the signal needs to be better, it my second goal for the rest of the week. The best thing I have to do now, is to see with Laurent from I-respi, the way to have better EMG, and have an exchange about our ADC with our specialist teacher Alexis, about its specification, to have reliable results.

Concerning the group work, Xavier and Benoit has started to work on the pcb and Benjamin is still working on the matlab algorithm.

Hope we will keep moving on the project like we did on the last week.
See you on Sunday.

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