Makahiya, Week 4.5


During the beginning of this week, we continued to test some components :

  • the capacitive captors work fine with the banana leaves, we now need some software to translate the data given by the captor in something more useful
  • the most powerful LED doesn’t seem brighter than the one we tested last week, but it heats far less. But given their consumption, we decided to not have a battery on to stay alimented, the device will need to stay plugged. We also tried to test the LEDS with some optical fiber, but don’t have optical fiber designed for this, so we did it with “normal” optical fiber that we unpolished, but it didn’t work well.

We are also doing our PCB, I spent the majority of my time reading components datasheets and putting them in our project’s PCB’s schema. Then Sylvain did a routing table with a 64 pin STM, if we stay with this model we are slightly restricted for the number of LEDs or Flexinol wires we can drive.

For the rest of the week, the priority is to finish the PCB’s schema and maybe begin the placement and the routing this weekend.


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