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I studied the most part of algorithms. And we will probably use the PID. It is the simple and the most appropriate for our application. Other algorithms are for more complicated functions, and have a longer process.

The PID is divided by three components. The first, P, do the most part of the job. It provides a proportional work according to the error. But with the P component only, we can’t search the final value. The system would be regulated +/- arround the control. To fix it, we add a I component, to integrate the error over the time to enable the convergence. Finaly, to increase the speed and the stability, add the D component, derivative.

I also see how to get an angle using accelerometer and gyroscope together. We cant use neither one, nor the other alone because we can’t have trust in their. We need to mix their output together. I saw two way to do. The first that we are more confident about the accelerometer and the second that we are more confident about the gyroscope.

The next step of our project is to buy the main stuff and to balance our SKATEway unladen.



Charles Fromonteil

Student télécom ParisTech embeded system

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