SwARM, starting to test Decawave DWM1000

Hi everyone,

this week we want to test Decawave module to have a better idea of the precision we can expect for the localisation system. We also started working on the schematic of our project.

All of us also worked on doing an estimate of the computation needs we will have. We tried running computions like triangulation or PID control (with fake input) on a STM32 similar to the one we want (they both have a CortexM4 with FPU), to conclude that our STM32F302, running at 72MHz would be used less than 1% of the time with only the heavier computations. So it seems we have some slack in computational power, that’s great.

Personnally, I soldered 2 Decawave modules to some connectors to be able to test them in the following days. In addition, I started to think about how we will make the third wheel : it seems that we can buy a PTFE ball and use it as a wheel. I believe it will be less noisy than a steel ball. I will keep working on that in the next days.



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