Quite a quick week…


Quite soon to post for my job for the end of the week, but I will be in Amsterdam during this long week-end. Therefore I won’t work on BreathUp before Wednesday.

Ok so in my last post I said that I wanted to finish in the evening the electrical schematics (the digital part) for the PCB, and actually I finished it as expected at 2am and an half. 🙂

I got some feedback from Alexis today, and therefore had some minor changes to do. Especially, we will be using a quite powerful MCU that comes with a lot of pins so I’ve chosen to connect all the peripheral components pins to the MCU so that we will be able to choose any configuration. But we will change that because it will make the PCB routing quite harder, and it might be already hard enough…

I’ve also spent some time on the automation of the use of Simulink and found a way to speed up our tests. That is not ready yet, but that will come soon.

So for the end of the next week, I will need to have finished the schematics on the digital part.
And that would be good if I also could finish the scripts for Simulink.

Have a nice week-end !

Xavier Chapron

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