BreathUp, in search of EMG.

In this end of week, the result of our work is not so impressive compare to what we said in the previous post. Let start with the goal I settled in the last post. The first point was: “reduce the number of electrodes from 4 to 3” and the second was: “get an EMG”. On the first point, I study with our teacher Alexis the usefulness of the RLD electrode (which is right leg driven electrode). After a while we deduce that we couldn’t afford to use the system without RLD. Concerning the usefulness of the three other electrodes I will see it directly with Laurent, when I will try to get a true EMG with him on Wednesday (if he can come). To conclude I would say that my goal for Wednesday are quite the same they were for today.

Concerning the other guys of the group, Benoit and Xavier have done a pretty nice work on the PCB and the components. We almost finish it, I have just to do a small test on the acquisition card, to see if they can simplify a little the PCB.

About the algorithm, compare to the acquisition, it is quite the same problem. It seems normal because both are linked. This is the reason why, Benjamin will try to improve it on Wednesday.

I hope Laurent will come on Wednesday.

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