BreathUp Week 5

Namaste !

This week, I was supposed to work (again, like the last two weeks…) on filtering chain. If you remember my last post, we had a losing problem of the breathing signal that is to say, we were not able to see the EMG and we didn’t know if it was because of the filter or if the acquiring signal didn’t include the EMG. So, on Wednesday, I worked on many data that Alexandre gave me and try to analyze the results after filtering. But I never succeed to see the EMG.

Thus, I wondered whether the 50Hz wasn’t enough filtered, so that the EMG may have been hidden behind it. I spent about half day on processing signal theory and on the firm documents to understand their algorithms. As a consequence, now, I’m quite sure that the problem comes from the acquisition part and not from the algorithms.

So, in order to be sure, we need to see Laurent next week to help us with the acquisition in order to obtain verified curves and try another time to filter its.


Have a nice long week-end !

Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

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