SwARM: Where we’re going

Hi guys,

This part of the week I was supposed to keep working on the schematics, and that is exactly what I did. Now we almost have everything we need in order to finish the schematic on ExpeditionPCB, just almost because we still not have the energy supply chain (we must select one, Alexis will help us on this) and the IMU still has to be uploaded on the software’s libraries.

We also worked on the DWM1000, Arnaud solded two modules to Rasperrys, we also worked on the mathematics of the localisation system (the mathematical formulas and their basic C implementation) as well as on basic algorithm to control the LEDs’ colors.

This coming week we will have to work hard, business as usual, we must make some real progress on the DWM1000 and the code to control them, I will personnaly take care of the schematics on ExpeditionPCB, I still have to connect the components to the MCU, add the IMU (an MPU9250) after it has been uploaded, choose between B2B and 4 pins Micromatch connectors in order to connect the robots to the charging rails, connect the LEDs and select a Quartz. I will also have to begin the placing and routing phase on the PCB.

I wish you all a happy halloween,
May the odds be always in your favour.


Paul Guerin

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