I’m done with scripting Simulink


Hope you guys had a nice long week-end! Mine was quite busy so I didn’t spend much time on the project.

However, in my last post I said that I wanted to finish the digital part of the electric scheme and the script for Simulink.
And here we are, at the middle of the week:

  • I’m quite close to the end of the electric scheme after the second review from Alexis. There only remains to design the antenna for the LoRa chip and to re-assign the pins of the MCU for an easier routing.
  • I finished the scripts for Simulink and they are on master! They are able to:
  1. Convert the output format of the discovery card to a MatLab input format.
  2. Test the algorithms on an input and save the output curves as pictures.
  3. Test the algorithms in a large number of inputs. And this time it’s really quicker than the previous version.

So for the end of the week, I want us to finish the electric scheme so that we can do the routing part as soon as possible and send it to the printing.

I will then work on the server part as we need one with a small database to connect our devices and interact with them. We planned to make it in Python, but didn’t choose a host and a framework, so I will need to find what best suits our project.

Have a nice end of the week!

Xavier Chapron

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