Makahiya, Week 5.5


The beginning of this week wasn’t very productive : during the week-end, I only changed the transistors used to drive the Flexinol wires on the schematic, the ones we had before were too big.

Today we hoped to test the LEDs with optical fiber, but unfortunately we didn’t receive it. Instead, I worked on having TCP/IP working on my TP card. Then, I suggested that to detect the contact with the leaves of our plant, we could “filter” the data from the sensors with the formula vn = un – un-30. (30 measures correspond to 1.5 second)

The outcome allows to easily detect capacity changes that result from someone touching the leave while discarding long term changes caused by the environment.

During the end of this week, we hope to finally be able to test the LEDs and then finish the PCB schematic.

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