SwARM: can’t stop

Hi guys,

I did what I had to do, I “finished” the schematics in order to begin placing and routing by the end of the week, but we still keep making changes in the way we want our components to be connected with the MCU, so it is not finished. I am still quite happy with what I did and I think I start to like ExpeditionPCB, I just couldn’t stop working with it this weekend 🙂 Maybe it’s because it’s a cool software or maybe it’s because I haven’t begun the placing/routing work that could be way more boring 🙂

By Sunday I will correct some things on the schematics and add new connectors to the board because we want to be able to talk with the robots over USB.

Concerning the code for the DWM1000 I don’t think that any progress was made, the teachers can keep us quite busy and it is hard to cope with everything.


Paul Guerin

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