BreathUp, almost one step over!

Like said Benjamin, on Saturday morning we had met Laurent and contrary to what I said in my previous post, I did a lot of things. We succeed to find out the EMG using the acquisition card and the algorithms. I also find out with Benjamin that we could reduce the number of electrodes and changes that place. But I won’t say too much about tonight because I have to do extra analysis by tomorrow. I also wanted to explain why I said: I find out with Benjamin. It is because Laurent inferred Saturday that without applying the algorithm, we couldn’t deduce anything. Sometime the signal seems to be horrible, but it the end the result is great.

I also deal with the pcb point’s I spoke in the post of last Sunday. We are now able to say that the adc can support an unipolar supply chain. However concerning the choice of the clock, I couldn’t find the way to select it in an hour with this acquisition card.

To conclude I would say that this week end, we finally assume that it was the adc we needed. The main goal now is to select definitely the number of electrodes, try to make the clock choice by tomorrow, and see if we can reduce the sample rate. After it will be time for my exam. Then I start to work on the sever and try do test with the Bluetooth and Lora chip.

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