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Good Evening,

As you could read on the post of my teammates, we saw Laurent this weekend to show him our works on the project about the acquisition part and the algorithms. During is meeting, Laurent confirmed us that after the digital filters we had a good Electromyography (EMG). That is a very good new.

After that, with Alexandre, we made some tests to check if we could use an unipolar supply power and if the ADC internal clock could be used to make measurements. We could see a good acquisition but to be sure of that we need to make others tests and treat them this the digital filters. After an other reading of the ADC and acquisition boards datasheets, I identified the different signals and bit registers to modify. But there is a signal (the clock select signal) that on the testing software it is not possible to choose the value of that. I think its value is 1 by default because there is a jumper on the board to choose this signal as the input on the ADC or to put this input on the ground. However, I did not find something witch confirm my idea.

I also made a little review of the analog part of the schematic.

For the next week, I don’t know if Alexandre will work alone on that tests or if I will help him. I will finish the analog schematic section just after the confirmation of the analog supply power and the oscillator. I anticipated the two cases. So,I will just need to make some little modifications. I will begin to work an the smartphone application too.

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Have a nice week.

Benoît for BreathUp.

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