BreathUp the end of electric scheme digital part


Last Wednesday, I planned to finish the digital part of the electric scheme and to work on the server and website.

Therefore, I’ve design the LoRa chip scheme, and especially it’s antenna that was missing. The tough part is that we will directly use the LoRa chip, and not a module, therefore we will have to implement a LoRa stack and handle the whole protocol. It’s design is then really tougher than one for a module with just RX, TX and Reset pins. But with the help of Alexis, we did it!

I’ve also work on the website architecture, after doing Python web framework Pyramid ‘s tutorial I’m quite sure that we will use that because it’s quite light and easy to implement. Moreover as we will have just some pages, there is no need for something bigger.

For next Wednesday, I want to establish a solid architecture for the website and server that I could present to Samuel. I will also look for connectors for the electrodes.

Xavier Chapron

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