BreathUp Week 6!

Қайырлы таң!

The more weeks are passing, the more I’m asking myself if I will find a new way to say hello in Asia before the end of the project !

Concerning the project, this week was quite short, as Sylvain said, we had the challenge day (quite fun though !) on Friday so that it shortened the week !  And as excepted, I didn’t do what I wanted to do but I made some progress on other points that are far more important !

Just the once will not hurt, I will speak about algorithms ! I bet you didn’t expect that ! 😉 Thus, Saturday morning we met Laurent. During three hours, we made some acquisitions with the same context as Laurent did it with his last prototype and we analyze its. It helped me a lot to modify a little the filtering part and also the  electrodes position. But the most important thing is that Laurent approved my algorithms. As a consequence, I can now begin to implement it in C. So I hope, I will did it before the end of the next week.

Concerning what I was supposed to do, I can’t actually work on the PCB linking because the scheme isn’t completed yet. Afterwards, I didn’t have time to work on Bluetooth but it’s not really grave because we have time to do it!


To sum up, for the newt week, I have to do the linking and to implement algorithm in C !

Stay tuned for more informations


Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

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