Makahiya – optical fiber

Hi everybody,
Last Friday was the communication challenge (the subject was the same as 2 years ago: solve a maze received from the network and displayed on a screen), and thus I had less time to work on the project than other weeks.

I didn’t had time to implement Tanguy’s suggestion in the detection algorithm for now. I’ll do it before next Wednesday, for sure.

Friday, we finally received the optical fibers, and also a custom light generator and a big packing gland. On Friday evening, after having finished the challenge, I tested the different types of optical fiber with the generator. The effect was nice. Thanks to this test, we can now confirm our choice: we’ll use optical fiber in order to decorate our banana tree
And this test also confirmed me that the packing gland I had selected the week before and that we had received on Wednesday matches our needs.

After this test, I soldered some wires and resistors in order to be able to control the three colors of our LED. Yesterday, I wrote the (very simple) code that allowed me to select the intensity of each of the 3 colors. And I tested it with the optical fibers. The result is cool. It’s less bright than what was expected but the color is more beautiful: the 3 components (red, green, blue) mix very well. Choosing the right diameter for the fiber is very difficult (we have one fiber of 1.5mm and another of 2mm) because both look nice. So I’ll wait for Tanguy’s opinion.
This test allows me to validate our choice for the LED: they work very well, at least as well as the custom generator (and they are much smaller and cheaper). So we have to find a proper heatsink because they still heat a lot.

For the next half week, I’ll implement Tanguy’s suggestion in the algorithm and add new samples in the automatic tests. As I know I won’t have many time to work on the project during this half week, that’s all I plan to do.

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