SwARM, building the first prototype

Hi everyone,

As I said, I started to build a first prototype (with only the structure and mechanical parts for now).

The roof is ready, the system holding the balloon and the RGB LED strips works well, the results are convicing. I also tested the robot tolerance to wind, as the big balloon offers a huge surface area and the robot is quite small and light. For that I used a fan and powered the robots motors making it go towards the fan. The result is that the robot is able to move without problem with a light wind and should work properly outside most of the time.

I also prototyped the connectors to the power rail with aluminium strips, but it needs more work as I couldn’t make a reliable electrical connection last Thursday.

I won’t be able to do much next week as all the exams are coming. I will try to find some time to work more on the 3D model by the end of the week.


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